What I'll Never - mr​.​blankslate (single + video)

by COdominance Official = mr.blankslate

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    Produced by KurtHugoSchnieder, the instrumental is a version of the hit Justin Bieber song "Baby". I chopped up the beat to suit my needs and wrote a song about the things I never intended do with music, or my life. This track is purposely a contradiction in itself in many ways though, since many of the raps are built on a pattern that repeats the statement "I ain't never" which is a double-negative. This is my most popular track of all time, and due to its success, I have included it on this mixtape (which it is a single from), and posted a separate version of the track that comes with the music video. This is currently the only place you can download a free version of this track in the highest sound quality possible. Techincally started and worked on for several months in 2011, this was released on the 2nd of January, 2012, so I listed it as such. This is the 23rd track I ever worked on (even though it's really more like the 34th or something) and my most successful to date, for OBVIOUS REASONS. But hey, I admit the guilt of leeching on Beiber's popularity, 'cause people have to get exposure somehow. What you might not expect is the way this song is done, and how the instrumentation sounds a lot different from the original song. For more details and the MUSIC VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6LverRF3Uw ... more

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"I have lived in Durango all my life. I currently attend Fort Lewis College. Much respect to you all, and if you ever want to use a beat of mine to rap on, they're all free to download on my SoundCloud or ReverbNation, so just shoot me a message and remember to credit me as the producer or as a feature."

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released 28 October 2013
mr.blankslate = bassline, engineering, lyrics/vocals, management, publishing, promotion, etc…

Gnarbro TaKa of COdominance helping mr.blankslate on the instrumental.


released January 2, 2012

mr.blankslate = engineering, lyrics/vocals, management, publishing, promotion, etc…

KurthugoSchnider, Justin Bieber and Wallace on the instrumental and samples.



all rights reserved


COdominance Official = mr.blankslate Durango, Colorado

Strength does not manifest itself through desire, it's a by-product of struggle.

"Independently produced without huge budgets and corporate taint. It takes a long time to develop rhymes of substance- so uploads are infrequent, but that does not reflect the frequency of practice. We'll remain diligent. All uploads are currently free until the 100% original album comes out."

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Track Name: What I'll Never - 'Baby' remix on recorder
"Porridge today, Gromit!"

[Verse 1]

Neva been one to talk a lot of shit
But got a couple things that I need to spit
I’m not holdin’ back no matter where I’m at
Steady spittin’ raps, till I see fat stacks, all piled in my lap
An addict of the game, cuz the words are crack
Not a victim of the shame, I ain’t neva go wack
Always give back and that’s a pure-fact
Neva be the same as the mainstream rats
Counteract combat, layin’ truth on the track
Got a mic in my hand, I ain’t neva hold a MAC
And I’m slow to attract, but not a full of crap
Never be a trap; keys in my pack
So let’s blaze up man, I hope you got match
Never get attached to the wings that you flap
Cut a little slack for my courteous axe (acts)
So I don’t go SNAP on your stupid little ass


It’s mr.blankslate!
And I’ma hit e’m up
Keep on flowin’
Oh, no matter what
And you can hate
And you can front
But, no matter how you like it
You can’t kill me son!
And I’ma keep on, doing this
With fluency, it’s Ludicrous
Communities can’t handle me
I’m truantly, recruiting thee, for neutering
I break it down like this, and

[Verse 2]

You know what is, screwin’ hypocrites
I run my own biz, and I truly am a dick
But I flow legit, and I really won’t quit
Cuz I’m overdose sick
With a middle finger posed at your burnt-toast clique
I hit it with a niche, cuz you’re quick when you go shed lip
On current do we drift, so I steer yo ship, and I smoke my spliff
Not here to be rich, but I feel those gifts that I get
When I spit for the Bliss, intricate for the potions
Hope you don’t lose focus, quote this:
Felt great when I wrote this, but either way I’m still an ocean
Deep-down, unsettling motions, hopin’
I won’t divide like a quotient, stay patient for the game and remain