T​.​P​.​H​.​T​.​P mix​-​tape 2011​-​2012 - mr​.​blankslate

by COdominance Official = mr.blankslate

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COdominance Productions is a registered business in Colorado!
BUSINESS EMAIL: codominanceproductions@yahoo.com

The Pencils Have The Power Mix-Tape by mr.blankslate of COdominance 2011.

COdominance Bio: "Strength does not manifest itself through desire, it's a by-product of struggle."

"Independently produced without huge budgets and corporate taint. It takes a long time to develop rhymes of substance- so uploads are infrequent, but that does not reflect the frequency of practice. We'll remain diligent."


"Hella trilla since 92, go hang a salami. I'm a lasagna hog."


"I have lived in Durango all my life. I currently attend Fort Lewis College. Much respect to you all, and if you ever want to use a beat of mine to rap on, they're all free to download on my SoundCloud or ReverbNation, so just shoot me a message and remember to credit me as the producer or as a feature."

Gnarbo TaKa


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released July 20, 2012

mr.blankslate = engineering, lyrics/vocals, management, publishing, promotion, etc…

DC, JohnJusticeMusic, Soulinaboxrecords, Joseph Campbell on the instrumentals and samples.



all rights reserved


COdominance Official = mr.blankslate Durango, Colorado

Strength does not manifest itself through desire, it's a by-product of struggle.

"Independently produced without huge budgets and corporate taint. It takes a long time to develop rhymes of substance- so uploads are infrequent, but that does not reflect the frequency of practice. We'll remain diligent. All uploads are currently free until the 100% original album comes out."

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Track Name: Just Listen (prod. by DC)

Richard Nixon: "and I want to say this to the television audience, I made my mistakes
But in all my years of public life, I have never profited..."
Interviewer: "You had advance knowledge of 9-11, do you agree or disagree with the RNC?"
George W. Bush: "Uhhh, there's time for politics, and uh, you know..."

[Verse 1]

Shut up and just listen!
I'm on a mission
That is driven
By my intuition
To obtain and maintain
The knowledge of the ancients
Is primary to creations
Silence is key
To appreciate it
Oh shit
A pen just fell
Meaning conflict
Is eminently mental
Possibly parental
Turbulent credentials
And maybe existential
Just an individual
Trying to be spiritual
And lyrical
Mind over matter
And love above material
I solve issues with my pens
No need to get physical
Less it's intimately spherical
In which case
I'm a motherfucking miracle
Writing is my ritual
Rising to the pinnacle
It's literal
I'm tryin' not to be cynical


Yitzhak Nakash: "Shiites constitute 80% of the native population of the oil-rich, Persian Gulf region."

Mike Shuster: "Where there is oil in Iran, Shiites predominate, where there is oil in Iraq, they do as well
And in the oil-rich areas of eastern Saudia Arabia, the Shiites are concentrated too."

[Verse 2]

Shamanize my mind
With oblivion and paradise
Mixed in equal time
Geometric shapes
With organic lines
I bend the tines
Of your forks with my rhymes
Sittin' sippin' wine
Feelin' fine
As we dine on the vibes
High on life
Feeling right
Writin' tight
And I gleam
At the stars
While they beam
And I sing
Around the fire
Cuz the scene is serene
Dirving through the desert
I know that life is priceless
The land is hot and dry
But not lifeless, it's quite lush
And I might just, fight lust
By righting on the righteous
Papyrus full of white dust
White light and night brush
Blessings to the East
Prayers to the West
I'm neutral motherfucker
So don't get obsessed
Don't get religious
And I won't question
Stop telling lies
And I won't confess them
I'll bless them
Every single soul has a message
And it's the goal
Of every soul to learn lessons
Some are spiritual
And some just wreck shit
Others bloom late
And some get neglected
But no matter what the text is
Or what the mess brings
Every single being
Reaches light in the ending!
Track Name: T.P.H.T.P. (prod. by DC)
Watch the T.P.H.T.P lyric video (included in the mix-tape download)

[Verse 1]

Blood of my starved ancestors
That shit enriches me
Needle sharp rhymes sewin' your minds
With stitches, see
A lyrical epiphany
In GED consistency
I'm deeper than the sea
And I'm hittin' tree
Thrillingly and brilliantly
Killing all the misery
I'm changin' history
Eliminate the sleaze
With the steaze when I speak
Growin' meat?
Bitch, please
You've been spreading disease like grease on a beach
All using genocide to stimulate peace
War is a beast
Plaguing the west as well as middle east
Somalia burns while we grow obese in this culture of sheep
So I hope you fucking cease and retreat from overseas
Cuz we have needs
Desperate single mothers that can't afford the lease
Peaceful pot growers who deserve to be released
We're just icing on the shit that's underneath
Our feet
Freedom ain't free and the taste ain't sweet
So we lace that beat with grace in the street
And clouds of weed
Never turn a cheek
Or surrender or retreat
Cuz we secure the deed
In the feed, fighting greed
Like every tan Carib
Whose hands were cleaved
And left to bleed
Cuz the gold that they freed
Weighed a seed and not a fucking mountain
What a challenge
But the righteous never lose their balance
We are valiant stallions on the foul-list
But our prowess allows us to overcome you cowards
Like my homie Jack Bauer
So fuck yo fucking leaders cuz the pencils have the power
Track Name: Growing Up (interlude w/ Joseph Campbell)
Transcripts of Joseph Campbell can easily be found at the Joseph Campbell Foundation Website (JCF.org)
Track Name: New Era (prod. by JohnJusticeMusic)
"T, P, H, T, P!"


In this new era, of screens and producers
We invent errors with no real solutions
No spirit guides just wars and pollution
Can't confide in the dudes we salutin'
Got no lives in unjust recruitment
Can't be wise in the lies and confusion
It's about time to start a revolution
Yeah, a revolution, and


Waitin' on statement?
Fuck it, I'll create one
Break and over take one
Hate some?
No, that's contagion
Scrub it son
I'm different from the other ones
And I'm running with a loaded gun
Of daises, pocket full of posies
I'm crazy, and played in a maze of amazing;
Reality is fading, but that don't phase me
Gauge me
Singularity creations
I'm facin'
The fakest of the nations
And try'na make some fame
Outta representation
Complicated and paced in
The static of the latence
In a place that is tainted
By the haste of corporations
And they be slangin'
Half-ass productions
For fast profit margins
So fuck yo hesitation
And 86 your patience
It's basic
Time is Money
And we can't afford waitin'
Caught up in the Matrix
Doing what I can
To not become faceless
You wrote the book
And I dare to erase it
"Welcome to my Spaceship!"


In this new age, of debt and conflict
I fight rage with the gift of Phonics
I'm on it, all blowin' Panasonics
I bomb it, Bubonic
With the comets of sonnets
Go and leave a comment
I'm really not flauntin'
3rd degree, wack m.c.s
Really ain't dauntin'
I'm stronger, and tauntin'
Fools with the knowledge
Tools of a college
To keep yourself solid
I'm fallin'
But I'm really not Stalin
I'm haulin'
Puzzles for the solvin'
And callin'
Lotta more tongues to come and spit knowledge
(Prod. by JohnJustice)
Track Name: What I'll Never (Justin Bieber Remix)
"Porridge today, Gromit!"

[Verse 1]
Neva been one to talk a lot of shit
But got a couple things that I need to spit
I’m not holdin’ back no matter where I’m at
Steady spittin’ raps, till I see fat stacks, all piled in my lap
An addict of the game, cuz the words are crack
Not a victim of the shame, I ain’t neva go wack
Always give back and that’s a pure-fact
Neva be the same as the mainstream rats
Counteract combat, layin’ truth on the track
Got a mic in my hand, I ain’t neva hold a MAC
And I’m slow to attract, but not a full of crap
Never be a trap; keys in my pack
So let’s blaze up man, I hope you got match
Never get attached to the wings that you flap
Cut a little slack for my courteous axe (acts)
So I don’t go SNAP on your stupid little ass


It’s mr.blankslate!
And I’ma hit e’m up
Keep on flowin’
Oh, no matter what
And you can hate
And you can front
But, no matter how you like it
You can’t kill me son!
And I’ma keep on, doing this
With fluency, it’s Ludicrous
Communities can’t handle me
I’m truantly, recruiting thee, for neutering
I break it down like this, and

[Verse 2]

You know what is, screwin’ hypocrites
I run my own biz, and I truly am a dick
But I flow legit, and I really won’t quit
Cuz I’m overdose sick
With a middle finger posed at your burnt-toast clique
I hit it with a niche, cuz you’re quick when you go shed lip
On current do we drift, so I steer yo ship, and I smoke my spliff
Not here to be rich, but I feel those gifts that I get
When I spit for the Bliss, intricate for the potions
Hope you don’t lose focus, quote this:
Felt great when I wrote this, but either way I’m still an ocean
Deep-down, unsettling motions, hopin’
I won’t divide like a quotient, stay patient for the game and remain

Track Name: Struggle (outro prod. by DC)
Lyrics only available by listening closely.