Best of COdominance 2011 = mr​.​blankslate & Psykeclops

by COdominance Official = mr.blankslate

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COdominance Productions is a registered business in Colorado!

The best of Codominance's Rhymenometry Vol. 1 mix-tape, produced by DeeMasta, Ratatat, The Gorillaz, unkown artist., mr.blankslate of COdominance Productions.

COdominance Bio: "Strength does not manifest itself through desire, it's a by-product of struggle."

"Independently produced without huge budgets and corporate taint. It takes a long time to develop rhymes of substance- so uploads are infrequent, but that does not reflect the frequency of practice. We'll remain diligent."


"Hella trilla since 92, go hang a salami. I'm a lasagna hog."


"I have lived in Durango all my life. I currently attend Fort Lewis College. Much respect to you all, and if you ever want to use a beat of mine to rap on, they're all free to download on my SoundCloud or ReverbNation, so just shoot me a message and remember to credit me as the producer or as a feature."

Gnarbo TaKa


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released July 20, 2012

mr.blankslate = engineering, lyrics/vocals, management, publishing, promotion, etc…

Psykeclops = lyrics

DeeMasta,Gorillaz, Ratatat, Living Legends



all rights reserved


COdominance Official = mr.blankslate Durango, Colorado

Strength does not manifest itself through desire, it's a by-product of struggle.

"Independently produced without huge budgets and corporate taint. It takes a long time to develop rhymes of substance- so uploads are infrequent, but that does not reflect the frequency of practice. We'll remain diligent. All uploads are currently free until the 100% original album comes out."

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Track Name: Average Crackers
Lyrics only available by listening closely.
Track Name: Kalashnikov (Gorillaz Remix)
[Verse 1: mr.blankslate]

When it comes to philosophical
Don't be thinking logical
I've seen the impossible
Unfolding with my opticals
It's no illusion, but it's not periodical
It'd scare a lot of you
Finish all the bottles up
I gotta go
Phantom on my tail
Gotta saddle up
Battle such
Persevere no matter what
Hurtin' peers and flatter sluts
I'm out of touch
Cloud nine rhymin' lines - out of luck
All the gates are shut
And I plain had enough
The cops are at the door
Do you wanna go to war
Give up and hit the floor in the cuffs

[Verse 2: Psykeclops]

Mastodon slap rap
Larger than the average cat
Catastrophic cataract
Action packed packer rat
Matter of fact
Saw an unspeakable act and spoke about it
"Doubt it," they say
I never believed you anyway
A penny weight compared to boulders any day in a millenia
Didn't fret it, just took hold or
Turn my shoulders like a soldier
Grinned and bared it
Barely scared but fairly wary
Feelings in the air
Amiss with fear
And extra tears inside my glare
A shareholder would've sold it off and scoffed
But I kept my cooler full and laughed it off
Dead and spoke about it
Didn't dare it
Couldn't bare it
So I feared it like a fairy
Crossing rivers barely
Couldn't carry
All the weight upon my plate
I stayed away
I weighed my options
Either auction my soul off or a fuckin' coffin

[Verse 3: mr.blankslate]

"Yeah, cuz I'm not afraid of death, and to me"
Why must I try to appease and apply
The chicks that lie and make me cry
In the night with they false
Poisoned injections
Poised in the textin'
Need a lesson
On your image and your message
So I grab the mic and wreck it
With a passionate confession
I'll rhyme you butt-naked, enveloped in the session
Yeah bitch
There's no need for stressin'
Give me one chance
And the shit you been expecting will eventually be bested
I wreck it
With one glance
Track Name: Check Mate (prod. by DeeMasta)
Lyrics only available by listening closely.
Track Name: One For The Road (Ratatat remix)
Hook (mr.blankslate):

Feel the rhymes hit
Psykeclops all up in it, bitch
Don’t get twisted
We keep it live and we don’t quit
We spit with sickness
So just bare witness
Hit this, hit or miss
Get dissed on Christmas
Open up a .gif
And what the fuck is this?

Verse 1 (Psykeclops):

Wipe my slate clean leave town
Pulled over with a tail light out
Slate knew the new route
Out of the sticky situation
He told me to play the song Patience
The cops would never know we blazed it
Eyes on his taser as he ‘proached behind my Wrangler
Strangled on eminent danger
A second later he’s at my window with a pistol
And a dismal looks official
He rustled through the thistles and I heard his breath a little
He said a little something ‘bout my license, registration
“it’s a good thing Patience was playin’ on the station”
Heart skipped a beat, but there was one already playin’

Repeat Hook

Verse 2 (Psykeclops):

(one more for the road, right here, for the road…)

Movin’ away from my origins
Hard to win, sweaty skin
Overwhelmed rap veteran
Fresh like Venison
Battlin’ just keep peddlin’
Fat like Riley Henderson
Better take my medicine
‘for I jettison out
How? without a doubt
Claustrophobia foamin’ out my mouth
As I make my way South
And proceed to speed
Call me quixotic:
Dreams I believe
A simple seed indeed, not a tree
Ideology of freedom, that’s me

Run and your problems never cease
Obtuse, obese like a feats on my beats
The deceased will speak when I click my feet
Leavin’ home forever but I love these streets
Track Name: Against The Grain (Heavy Rain) - Living Legends remix

Never falling down
Down, down

[Verse 1: mr.blankslate]

Blankslate all up in your house
Studied, composed, silent as a mouse
Lies you impose, so I call you out
Eviscerate your state, and clean your dirty mouth
And if you want hate, then you best fly south
Or sit on your couch like a spotted grouse
Cause shit I don't take, shit I'm not about
Apart of the structure like water in the grout


[Verse 2: Psykeclops]

I don't see why you bragging
You flying around, half ass like fucking Spyro the dragon
You can't even imagine how much weight that I've been dragging
Packing my bags, and making my Hip way to top of the Hop

[Verse 3: mr.blankslate]

So you can play bitch, proceeding to pout
Or catch all my fish, starving all the trout
But I'mma break out like a dwarven stout
Sounds I shout when I call my scout
Like 0-6 Niner, we're in route
Ever falling down like clowns in the gout
Without a doubt, when I see the blood spouts on the way to the mount
Rap is vampiric and I am your count
So you better watch out


[Verse 4: mr.blankslate]

I wanna be part of a different game
Ever falling down like the rain
When people feel shame and the kids are in pain
Not feeling vain til the day I'm slain
Against the grain in every way that I play
Cain is the name to fame, I won't stray
But I need my pay so for that I will pray
Writing down my issues til they go away
Crying out my tissues to live another day


[Verse 5: Psykeclops]
To be frank, I'm feeling fickle
Stuck inside a pickle
Flipping nickel to decide if life is simple
Not even a little
I'm just a little speck of spittle
Spitting, getting spun in circles in the fucking middle

[Verse 6: mr.blankslate]

Running shit like a rebel province
Word providence
My flows are bottomless and I am bombing shit
I am strongest, ain't never gonna quit
Cause every little bar is intricate
And every single rhyme could be infinite
Cause I make them intimate
Hope you're not ignorant
Title of the flick is a mob hit
Mixed with a comic strip
Raining like a sonic rip
Anaconda fit when my phonics hit

[Verse 7: Psykeclops]

Fuck a hill, yo
Go climb a mountain
Every day's a fucking challenge
Try your best
Surpass the malice
Fill your chalice with the fruits of your labor
That's my flavor
I'm the aloe vera
I'm the new era
I'm like a hat but I dislike that
I like rap
I like spitting the truth on a track
I like providing peeps with a past
While spitting my beats like it's math
Actually my mass is double your volume at last
Take the square root of that
Scratch that
I dislike where I'm at
I'm awry
I say I don't, but I do
I fucking tried, of course I fucking tried
I faked a smile
I drove a mile
I broke the bottle
I wiped my snottle
I hit the lotto
I passed the punches (?)
I ate the lunches
I wiped my ass
I passed my class
I did the math
I fucking died
I added it up and what did I see?
Same motherfucker staring back at me